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Replacement Compaq CM2060 CM2070 laptop charger

Buy cheap and high quality Compaq CM2060 CM2070 laptop charger for your notebook computer. We guarantee the Compaq CM2060 CM2070 laptop charger for 1 year and 30-day money-back.

Compaq CM2060 CM2070 laptop charger
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Compaq Presario 700 ac adaper

    Product Information
  • Compatible Part Numbers:
  • HP COMPAQ 0950-3634, 0950-3988, 164854-001, 177624-001, 177624-B21, 177626-001, 180675-001, 180676-001, 198713-001, 198714-001, 208190-001, 222113-001, 240905-021, 298237-001, 298238-001, 298239-001, CQPS1200, F1454A, F1781A
  • AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V 3.16A 60W
  • connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Cord Cable: USA UK EU AU plug
  • Inventory: In Stock
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Compaq CM2060 CM2070 laptop charger fit models:

  • HP Omnibook Series: 2100, 3000CTX, 3100, 4100, 4110, 4150, 4150B, 500 D&T BTO Special (F2448x), 500 Series (F2xxx), 500B D&T BTO Special (F3751x), 500B Series (F3xxx), 510 BTO Base Model, 510 Series (F4xxx), 6000 D&T BTO Special (F2444x), 6000 D&T BTO Special (F3752x), 6000 Series (up to F20xx), 6000B Series (F2100x to F2187x), 6000C Series (F2188x to F2971x), 6100 Series, 6100 Series BTO Base, 7100 Series, 7150 Series, 900 B-Series, 900 Series, XE2-DB Series, XE2-DC Series, XE2-DD Series, XE2-DE Series, XE2-DI Series, XE3 Series (up to F2299x), XE3B Series (from F2300x to F2329x), XE3C Series (from F2330x to F2999x), XE3-GD Series AMD (F24xx, F3xxx), XE3-GE Series AMD (F43xx), XE3-GF Series Intel (Erste Bank BTO), XE3-GF Series Intel (F39xx), XE3-GF Series Intel (US Army BTO), XE3-GF Series Villanova Special, xe4100, xe4100 BTO Base Model, XE-DA Series, xt1000, xt1000m, xt1000s, xt6050 Series, xt6050 Series BTO Base Model
    HP Pavilion N3000 Series: N3000, N3110, N3150, N3190, N3210, N3215, N3250, N3270, N3290, N3295, N3310, N3330, N3350, N3370, N3380, N3390, N3402, N3410, N3438, N3478, N3490
    HP Pavilion N5000 Series: N5000 BTCO Series, N5125, N5130, N5135, N5140, N5150, N5170, N5190, N5195, N5210, N5221, N5240, N5241, N5250, N5261, N5270, N5271, N5290, N5295, N5310, N5311, N5331, N5340, N5341, N5350, N5351, N5361, N5371, N5381, N5390, N5401, N5402L, N5412, N5415, N5420L, N5421L, N5422L, N5425, N5430, N5431L, N5435, N5440, N5441, N5442, N5444, N5445, N5450, N5451, N5452, N5454, N5455, N5461, N5462, N5470, N5472, N5474, N5475, N5481, N5482, N5484, N5490, N5491, N5495, N5511L, N5584
    HP Pavilion N6000 Series: N6190, N6195, N6300 BTO Series, N6300 BTO Series, N6395, N6396, N6397, N6398, N6399, N6400, N6401, N6402, N6403, N6404, N6490
    HP Pavilion X Series: xf125, xf145, xh136, xh156, xh176, xh215, xh216, xh226, xh355, xh365, xh395, xh455, xh485, xh525, xh535, xh545, xh555, xh575, xh625, xh635, xh675, xu155, xu BTCO, xz185
    HP Pavilion Z Series: ze1110, zt1000-IB BTCO Base Unit, zt1114, zt1120, zt1121s, zt1122s, zt1125, zt1130, zt1131s, zt1132s, zt1135, zt1141, zt1142, zt1145, zt1150, zt1151, zt1152, zt1161, zt1162, zt1170, zt1171, zt1180, zt1181, zt1190, zt1201s, zt1210, zt1211s, zt1230, zt1231s, zt1235, zt1250, zu1155, zu175, zu BTCO.
    Compaq Presario 700 Series: 700, 700A, 700AP, 700CA, 700D, 700EA, 700LA, 700LB, 700ND, 700TC, 700UK, 700US, 700Z, 701, 701AP, 701CL, 701EA, 701FR, 701JP, 701LA, 701US, 701Z, 702, 702AP, 702EA, 702JP, 702N, 702NA, 702US, 703, 703AP, 703JP, 704, 704JP, 705, 705CA, 705EA, 705JP, 705US, 706, 706EA, 709, 709EA, 710, 710CA, 710EA, 710JP, 710TC, 710US, 710Z, 711, 711AP, 711AU, 711CL, 711EA, 711LA, 711TC, 711US, 712, 712AP, 712AU, 712EA, 712LA, 712ZA, 713, 713EA, 714, 714EA, 715, 715AP, 715CA, 715EA, 715JP, 715US, 716, 716EA, 717, 717EA, 717RSH, 718, 718EA, 719, 719EA, 720, 720AP, 720AU, 720CA, 720EA, 720JP, 720LA, 720TC, 720US, 721, 721AP, 721AU, 721CL, 721EA, 721LA, 721PT, 721UK, 722, 722AR, 722EA, 722US, 723, 723EA, 723IL, 723RS, 723RSH, 724, 724AU, 724EA, 725, 725AP, 725AR, 725AU, 725CA, 725EA, 725JP, 725LA, 725US, 726, 726EA, 728, 728EA, 729, 729EA, 730, 730AP, 730AU, 730CA, 730JP, 730LA, 730TC, 730US, 731, 731AP, 731CL, 731EA, 731LA, 731PT, 731US, 732, 732AP, 732EA, 732IL, 732US, 733, 733EA, 733FR, 734, 734AP, 734EA, 734, 735, 735AP, 735AU, 735CA, 735EA, 735LA, 735US, 736, 736EA, 737, 737EA, 738, 738EA, 739, 739EA
    Compaq Presario 800 Series: 800, 800XL, 80XL550
    Compaq Presario 1000 Series: 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1065, 1070, 1072, 1075, 1080, 1081, 1082, 1084, 1090, 1090ES
    Compaq Presario 1200 series: 1200, 1200-XL1, 1200-XL104, 1200-XL105, 1200-XL106, 1200-XL110, 1200-XL111, 1200-XL118, 1200-XL119, 1200-XL450, 1200AM, 1200AN, 1200AP, 1200APr, 1200CA, 1200CL, 1200EA, 1200LA, 1200LB, 1200SC, 1200, 1200T, 1200T-XL3, 1200TA, 1200TC, 1200TH, 1200US, 1200Z, 1200ZA, 1201, 1201AP, 1201EA, 1201FR, 1201RSH, 1201S, 1201TC, 1201TH, 1201Z, 1202, 1202EA, 1202FR, 1202LA, 1202SCr, 1203, 1203EA, 1205, 1205EA, 1207, 1210, 1210CA, 1210EA, 1210ES, 1210JP, 1210LA, 1210US, 1211, 1211CA, 1211EA, 1211LA, 1212, 1212CL, 1212EA, 1212LA, 1213, 1213CL, 1213EA, 1213FR, 1214, 1214EA, 1214FR, 1214NE, 1214SR, 1215, 1215EA, 1215US, 1216, 1216EA, 1216JP, 1216UK, 1216US, 1217, 1217JP, 1219, 1219JP, 1220, 1220ES, 1230, 1232, 1234, 1235, 1236, 1237, 1238, 1240, 1242, 1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1250, 1252, 1255, 1256, 1257, 1260, 1262, 1266, 1267, 1270, 1272, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1277, 1278, 1279, 1280
    Compaq Presario 1400 Series: 1400, 1400T, 1456, 14XL 14XL240, 14XL245, 14XL340, 14XL345
    Compaq Presario 1600 Series: 1600, 1600-XL1, 1600-XL140, 1600-XL141, 1600-XL142, 1600-XL143, 1600-XL144, 1600-XL145, 1600-XL146, 1600-XL147, 1600-XL150, 1600-XL151, 1600-XL152, 1600-XL153, 1600-XL154, 1600-L155, 1600, 1600-233S, 1600-266, 1600-300, 1600i, 1600i-266 1600i-300, 1600i-333, 1600i-366, 1600s, 1600s-350, 1600s-380, 1600s-400, 1600s-450 1600s-475, 1600T, 1610, 1611, 1615, 1620, 1621, 1622, 1624, 1625, 1626, 1630, 1635, 1636, 1640, 1650, 1655, 1660, 1665, 1670, 1672, 1675, 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1685, 1687, 1688, 1690, 1692, 1693, 1694
    Compaq Presario 1700 Series: 1700, 1700AI, 1700AP, 1700AU, 1700EA, 1700JP, 1700KR, 1700LA, 1700T, 1700T-XL5, 1700XL573, 1700TA, 1700TC, 1701, 1701AI, 1701AP, 1701CL, 1701EA, 1701FR, 1701LB, 1701S, 1701TC, 1702, 1702AP, 1702EA, 1702FR, 1702KR, 1702LB, 1702TC, 1703, 1703AP, 1703KR, 1704AP, 1704, 1704KR, 1705, 1705AP, 1710, 1710LA, 1710T, 1710TW, 1711, 1711AP, 1711CL, 1711LA, 1711LB, 1711SC, 1711TC, 1712, 1712AP, 1712LB, 1712TA, 1712TC, 1712US, 1713, 1713AP, 1713EA, 1713LA, 1713SC, 1713TC, 1714, 1714AP, 1714EA, 1714SC, 1714TC, 1715, 1715AP, 1715CA, 1715EA, 1715SC, 1715TC, 1716, 1716EA, 1716SC, 1716TC, 1717, 1717, 1720, 1720CA, 1720US, 1721, 1721AP, 1721LA, 1721TC, 1722, 1722AP, 1722AU, 1722CA, 1722EA, 1722TC, 1722US, 1723, 1723AP, 1723SC, 1724, 1724AP, 1724SC, 1724TC, 1725, 1725AP, 1725EA, 1725SC, 1725TC, 1726, 1726TC
    Compaq Presario 1800 Series: 1800, 1800-XL1, 1800-XL180, 1800-XL181, 1800-XL182, 1800-XL183, 1800-XL185, 1800-XL186, 1800-XL190, 1800EA, 1800FR, 1800LA, 1800T, 1800T-800, 1800T-850, 1800US, 1800XL, 1800XL190, 800XL280, 1800XL380, 1800XL390, 1800XL481, 1801, 1801S, 1801TW, 1802, 1802FR, 1805, 1810, 1820, 1825, 1826, 1827, 1830 Compaq Presario 2700 Series: 2700, 2700T, 2700US, 2701T, 2702TW, 2710US, 2715US, 2720US
    Compaq Presario 2700 Series: 2700, 2700T, 2700US, 2701T, 2702TW, 2710US, 2715US, 2720US
    Compaq Presario 2900 Series
    Compaq Presario 12XL/14XL/17XL/18XL/80XL Series: 12XL, 12XL115, 12XL300, 12XL310, 12XL325, 12XL326, 12XL327, 12XL400, 12XL401, 12XL410, 12XL426, 12XL430, 12XL500, 12XL502, 12XL510, 14XL, 14XL2, 14XL3, 14XL240, 14XL241, 14XL242, 14XL244, 14XL245, 14XL246, 14XL247, 14XL250, 14XL340, 14XL342, 14XL343, 14XL344, 14XL345, 14XL346, 14XL350, 14XL352, 14XL355, 14XL356, 14XL442, 14XL443, 14XL444, 14XL445, 14XL446, 14XL447, 14XL452, 14XL453, 14XL454, 14XL455, 17XL, 17XL2, 17XL3, 17XL260, 17XL261, 17XL262, 17XL264, 17XL265, 17XL266, 17XL274, 17XL275, 17XL360, 17XL361, 17XL362, 17XL363, 17XL364, 17XL365, 17XL366, 17XL367, 17XL368, 17XL369, 17XL370, 17XL371, 17XL372, 17XL373, 17XL374, 17XL375, 17XL376, 17XL77, 17XL378, 17XL379, 17XL380, 17XL490, 17XL570, 17XL580, 18XL, 18XL2, 18XL3, 18XL4, 18XL191, 18XL192, 18XL280, 18XL380, 18XL381, 18XL390, 18XL480, 18XL481, 18XL482, 18XL483, 18XL484, 18XL485, 18XL490, 18XL590
    Compaq Evo: N115, N160, N180
    Compaq Prosignia: 150 Series
    Compaq CM2000, CM2010 , CM2020 , CM2050, CM2060 , CM2070

Note: Not all compatiable model# is listed.

Tips for Compaq Presario 700 ac adaper :

Please MAKE SURE you have order a correct connector

Pls make sure the DC OUTPUT of AC adapter & Connector size are accordant before order.

What's in the box

Laptop AC Adapter 

AC Power Cord Cable (to fit your country)

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