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"My reason for emailing you is to commend you on the wonderful men and women you have working in your customer service department. I have called on several occasions to inquire about a product offered on Global-laptop-batteries.com, and each time I have been so pleased with the service I received. Each service rep was pleasant and informative. This is a rare quality these days. I commend you on the excellent job of hiring and training of your personnel. I also feel that Global-laptop-batteries.com has to be a reflection of the kind of person you are. The standard of excellence has filtered down from the top. Please keep up the good work. It's been a pleasure doing business with you."
~ Michael S., Feb 10 2015

"Thank you so much for processing my order early! You are the greatest. This is my first time shopping at global-laptop-batteries.com, but with customer service like this, I will be making global-laptop-batteries.com my number one online shopping source. Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with global-laptop-batteries.com again and I will make sure all of my friends know what great service global-laptop-batteries.com gives! Thanks Again!"
~ Jacky F.,Feb 10 2015

"I was looking for this battery and I got the best price on global-laptop-batteries.com. Transaction was pretty smooth and shipping was fast."
~ James H., Feb 10 2015

"This is my second experience with using this company, is easy to use and the product came on time. Everything I could have expected."
~ David L., Feb 9 2015

"You guys are amazing. I have ordered from you before and your customer service is unbeatable and unbelievable. I would not go to any other site when ordering my batteries and adapters on line. Global-laptop-batteries.com, you rock! I look forward to receiving the shipments today. Thank you very much."
~ Lorry G., Feb 9 2015

"Congratulations on your recent listing for customer service. I have purchased only a few items from you but each time received excellent service. At one point your rep could not find what I wanted in your supply and searched online for me to find a vendor who sold what I needed. That is great service!"
~ John W., Feb 8 2015

"I received a number of emails regarding the status of the shipment. The item was well packed and worked perfectly."
~ Elaina Y., Feb 8 2015

"So far so good. I ordered ground shipment. I am curious to see how quickly things take to process and for me to receive my order."
~ Rollie M., Feb 8 2015

"This was very easy to use. It says my item is in stock. I will have to wait and see if it is. Definitely would use again."
~ Peter B., Feb 7 2015

"Purchase was easy, product shipped & arrived on time. I will put them on our vendors list for future purchases."
~ Lakia F., Feb 7 2015

"Thank you so much! I received my order today and was surprised and so thrilled to get it so early! They came in time for my vacation this weekend. I will also tell all my friends to order batteries from you. You’re the best online website!!! I mean that. Thanks for having FANTASTIC customer service skills! I love Global Laptop Batteries!!!"
~ Joe M., Feb 6 2015

"You guys are...absolutely the BEST! Bar none! Global-laptop-batteries.com far outshines every other retail site on the web. Even my favorite websites. You HAVE the goods, you DELIVER the goods, and you do it in RECORD time. I love you guys. Don't ever change. I am a customer forever! "
~ Tom H., Feb 6 2015

"I just would like to thank your company for the extra speedy service. It is so very much appreciated. I enjoy doing business with you and will certainly continue to do so in the future. Thank you again!"
~ Jane D., Feb 5 2015

"I just wanted to say that Global Laptop Batteries is excellent. The customer service is superb!!! I LOVE the fact that my orders are shipped right away, and I know when to expect them. I have not yet to have a problem with any items that I have purchased from Global Laptop Batteries. The description and picture has been accurately described. Your prices are reasonable. Overall, I’m a super happy Global Laptop Batteries shopper!!! THANK YOU!! "
~ Emily D., Feb 5 2015

"HA! You guys are awesome! I love how you make such a simple tracking email fun and silly with “superspy” and “mission control” words as well as ending your email with the word “love.” I work for a corporation that, of course, takes everything super serious and follows guidelines to a point that makes work-life uneventful. It is great that there are work forces out there that let their employees show some imagination, creativity, and personality through their work to make a personal connection with their customers. Great job!"
~ Anonymous Feb 5 2015

"Being an old retail employee from way back, I thought I should email you guys and congratulate you on what I feel is your outstanding customer service. The few times that I have used your services – ordering from your web site, or just surfing – have been both a real pleasure and trouble-free experience. Being upgraded to faster shipping, I believe, the both times I have ordered was a pleasant surprise and a confirmation that someone out there still knows how to service their customers, make them happy, and keep them coming back. Obviously the emails do not replace a face-to-face or telephone conversation, but it shows you guys are at least trying to personalize the experience as much as possible in this day and age. Keep up the good work. I tell everyone I know to order from your store. Thanks for the shipping upgrade."
~ Rebecca B., Feb 4 2015

"I just wanted to say great job! You guys were great to deal with and everything was shipped on time and even a little earlier than scheduled! I am very pleased with this company and I will definitely refer you guys to anybody looking for a laptop battery or ac adapter. Thanks again!! I'll be back soon!"
~ Kamila S., Feb 4 2015

"I am writing to say that I will tell others to order from your company, and I will always order from your company. Why? It’s because I read that this company treats people right. It’s not a cut-throat operation that grabs for every last cent at the expense of everything and everybody else. You’ve got my business. I’m ordering online tomorrow."
~ Jose S., Feb 4 2015

"Holy cow! That was a great email and excellent customer service. I am so happy with global-laptop-batteries.com. I love that Global Laptop Batteries has not outsourced its customer service to another country. I have no beef with other countries, love many of them, but I do appreciate American customer service departments who can write. Writing seems to be a level of intelligence that is generally missing from many customer service departments, but it's not missing from global-laptop-batteries.com. Excellent work."
~ Nancy J., Feb 3 2015

"I love you guys. That's all I wanted to say. I am never disappointed in your products, quality, shipping, price, or service. I wish every business would model after you. The world would be a happier place. There would be no wars. If I could marry a business, I would marry Global Laptop Batteries.Thank you for being such a great company. The entire Global Laptop Batteries team should be incredibly proud."
~ John Y., Feb 3 2015

"Thank you for the prompt, efficient, professional, error, and confusion-free purchase and exchange process. I am, and will continue to be a Global Laptop Batteries customer. Compliments are sincerely extended."
~ Steve H., Feb 2 2015

"To everyone at Global Laptop Batteries: I love your web site!! I have made numerous purchases through it and have been very satisfied every time. Even if I had a return, it was very simple to do and was completed very quickly! The past two orders I've placed you have upgraded my shipping at no extra charge, and each time it was a wonderful surprise that was much appreciated! I just wanted to send a thank you for always giving me quality products and fantastic service!! Keep up the great work!!"
~ Zac M., Feb 2 2015

"I so wish more companies embraced and practiced what you do. They would learn that by doing the right thing, loyalty, increased business, and growing prosperity naturally follow. When the employees and clients know they are valued, they can't imagine giving their time, talent and treasure to any other enterprise. Your business model keeps me hopeful that I might one day be so fortunate."
~ Sanjay P., Feb 2 2015

"Dear Global Laptop Batteries Employees- Once again you are upgrading my shipping!!!! I am ever so grateful to you. That is why I have always been a big Global Laptop Batteries supporter. They always say that a certain high end department store has the best customer service of any retail store, but you guys have given them a run for their money. You're always thinking of your customers. You're truly the best. Love you all!"
~ Deva G., Feb 1 2015

"This is just a note to tell you that I am so impressed with your company. The web site is so customer friendly. I am a nurse in New York but if I lived out there I would have to apply for a job with your company. It sounds like such a great place to work."
~ Mindy G., Feb 1 2015

"I love the item, and loved the price. I love everything about Global-laptop-batteries.com!"
~ Erick L., Jan 31 2015

"EXCELLENT! I got exactly what I wanted, at the best price with lightning speed."
~ Paul S., Jan 30 2015

"My shopping experience this evening was very pleasant and exceedingly satisfying, pending the receipt of the merchandise."
~ Shane R., Jan 30 2015

"I love ordering from global-laptop-batteries.com. I have never sent anything back as everything is wonderful. Your quick service and quick delivery is phenomenal. I have sent many people to global-laptop-batteries.com because of this."
~ Joe S., Jan 29 2015

"I was SO impressed with the quality of my order and the speedy delivery that I really felt compelled to send you this email message. I have never received an order so quickly and I do mean NEVER! Thank you so very much. I will definitely order from global-laptop-batteries.com again!"
~ John K., Jan 29 2015

"Dear Global Laptop Batteries Customer Service Team, Thank you for the outstanding, unprecedented customer service that you provide. Good customer service is so hard to come by these days and it is something that I really appreciate and value, so thank you again. I will continue to be a loyal customer and I tell everyone about your wonderful service and products. Regards!"
~ Chris M., Jan 29 2015

"Prompt delivery and smooth transaction. Thank you."
~ Anonymous, Jan 28 2015

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to return my item. I received it today and it's very good. I enjoy your service and your customer service department. Your company is the best on-line ordering company that I have ever purchased from. Keep up the good work and professionalism. I will continue to buy from you and also promote you to others. God Bless and thank you again."
~ Andi M., Jan 27 2015

"Hello guys, My name is Jim and I recently became a new customer. I wanted to take the time to thank you for the great and fast service I received from you on my purchase, really impressive. This type of service will keep me coming back to you guys as well as referring friends to your website. Keep up the excellent work and will do business really soon again. "
~ Jim C., Jan 27 2015

"I just wanted to say that you return process and website are sooo user friendly and simple. The returns process is super fast - I love it. Thanks for making shopping on the internet easy. Keep up the awesome work. "
~ Linda W., Jan 26 2014

"Awesome! This is great... Global-laptop-batteries.com is always a great topic in my conversations! It will continue to be of highest regard and now even more so! Thank you!"
~ Brenda G.,Jan 26 2014

"Superb Service - This was my first purchase from global-laptop-batteries.com, and I couldn't be more impressed with their customer service and product quality. I buy a lot online, and this company is in my top ten of "the way to do it". I worked in customer service for years, and the guy who helped me is what I am always looking for."
~ Amelia A., Jan 26 2014

"Every time I order from Global-laptop-batteries.com it's a sure thing. I never have to wonder if they'll get the order right or when I'll receive it. The customer service is the best of any company I've ever worked with. The entire process is painless. If for any reason the order doesn't work out, Global-laptop-batteries.com is amazing about returns / exchanges. I highly recommend Global-laptop-batteries.com to anyone and everyone."
~ Mike J., Jan 25 2014

"Ordering was easy and so far a good experience. I don't recall seeing anything regarding stock availability. I also did not know how much shipping was going to be till the order was placed. There was no means to calculate shipping costs prior to placing the order. Good price compared to other sites. "
~ Thomas F., Jan 25 2014

"They were very very helpful in assuring that I selected the correct item - at least 6 e-mail exchanges and none of them frustrating! Price was great and shipping prompt and very well done."
~ Carol V., Jan 24 2014

"I found what I wanted and had no problems with the transaction or the delivery of the merchandise. I will use them again in the future. "
~ Steve, Jan 24 2014

"Excellent site found exactly what I was looking for and found it quickly at a great price. I will be recommending this site to my friends. "
~ Kathryn H., Jan 24 2014

"Awesome! This is great... global-laptop-batteries.com is always a great topic in my conversations! It will continue to be of highest regard and now even more so! Thanks a million!"
~ Anonymous, Jan 23 2014

"Excellent - I had the best experience from global-laptop-batteries.com when I placed this order! Excellent customer service, fast shipping! I would recommend them to anyone. The battery was also perfect!! Thanks!!"
~ Niels J., Jan 23 2014

"I was very impressed and pleased with my order from global-laptop-batteries.com. I have never ordered from them before and was very pleased with their product and service. I will be ordering again soon for my son. My expectations of products and service are very high."
~ Marko V., Jan 22 2014

"This is to confirm the battery, has arrived today in my house. The best sercice i ever have is from your company, You are No 1 thats my honest statement, my order arrived in very good condition, thank you You can publish this e mail as promotion for your company. I am charging the battery now, and already recomended your company to my friend which also wanted to buy the battery for their laptop. Once again thank you for your kind attention and FANTASTIC service."
~ Rudyanto T., Jan 22 2014

"The seller did a great job to confirm shipping as soon as the order left their facilities. I was then able to track my package through the courier service until its arrival. I am very happy with this vendor."
~ Louanne J., Jan 22 2014

"Shipment was speedy and well packed. Item was priced competitively. I would highly recommend."
~ Kevin H., Jan 21 2014

"The order arrived on time, and the batteries work fine on my Acer notebook. Definitely will buy from this store again."
~ Judy M., Jan 21 2014

"Finding the right item and knowing it is comes with not just a 30 day return policy but also a 12 month warranty made my decision easy. Great service and I will definitely buy from you again."
~ Brian G., Jan 20 2014

"They sent the order promptly. I had a question when it arrived, they not only answered the question, they did research and sent me information on what to do based upon my question. Good experience."
~ Ken R., Jan 20 2014

"Global laptop batteries web site, clear descriptions, No question on pricing nor shipping. Will buy from again. And recomend to others."
~ Michael L., Jan 19 24 2014

"The transaction and communication was very quick and prompt. Merchandise was excellent. Would highly recommend them."
~ Susie C., Jan 19 2014

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